It’s important to note that expectations for cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies are typically extremely low. Rather, these movies exist mostly for entertainment purposes. We ranked all of the following movies with the bare minimum in mind.

A Bad Moms Christmas: 9/10

A Bad Moms Christmas is about three moms who are very stressed about fast-approaching Christmas, which they are trying to make perfect for their kids. Their own moms unexpectedly show up, adding even more stress with their controlling or clingy tendencies. The three main characters, May, Carla, and Kiki, quickly decide to take back Christmas and do it the way they want. They decide they don’t want any fancy events or pressure-filled traditions, but just joy-filled quality time with their kids. This movie is a very funny, chaotic movie with much holiday spirit. There is a bit of romance between Carla and Ty, the guy she meets at work. She has an interesting story line because later on she ends up rekindling and developing a closer, more stable relationship with her mom. This movie does a very good job of highlighting difficult family dynamics and breaking down barriers. 

Holidate: 8/10

This is a story about a young woman who has recently become single after being cheated on and tries to embrace her newfound independence. However, this is difficult, as her family, especially her mother, is constantly on her about finding a husband. This makes the holidays very uncomfortable for her, as she has no one to bring home and feels her mom’s constant judgment. She ends up meeting her date Jackson at the mall, and they decide to use each other as their “holidates”: they have a purely platonic relationship and spend holidays together. It’s a fun and exciting story that definitely makes you laugh as you watch their holidays together unfold with each other’s families. From the start, the two hit it off and have good chemistry, but the romantic tension increases later on in the movie. It has the perfect amount of comedy and romance, and several Christmas celebrations to get you in the holiday season.This movie does a great job of highlighting how any good thing takes time, and one’s fears about rejection can cause one to push away the people one cares about most. 

A California Christmas: 7/10

This movie opens with a peppy Christmas tune and shots of San Francisco as it introduces playboy Joseph. When his job is put on the line, Joseph travels out to wine country to close a business deal. On the way, he gets mistaken for a ranch hand. There, he meets Callie, who doesn’t quite trust him. However, little does she know that she may be just the girl who can finally get him to settle down. After bonding over a cow birth, the two continue to work together, and his arrogance slowly begins to fade. (Thank goodness!) This movie doesn’t exactly capture stereotypical Christmas vibes (probably due to the lack of snow), although it is filled with familiar scenes that many Californians will recognize. A California Christmas is filled with clichés, but is still a sweet watch, and the character development in Joseph is satisfying. 

Christmas with a Prince: 7/10

A stereotypical holiday romance, Christmas with a Prince takes place in the unexpected setting of a pediatrics ward during the holiday season. When a prince gets into a ski accident, he finds himself under the care of Tasha Weiner, a pediatric nurse. Despite being spoiled and a bit obnoxious, after spending time around Tasha and the children in the pediatric ward, he grows to be more likable. The two grow closer as the holidays progress, and slowly but surely fall in love. The movie paints a sweet romance, and checks all the boxes for a good holiday love story. Scenes of fast-paced dialogue are filled with Christmas lights and decor, as well as snow. It’s not so over-the-top that it’s hard to watch, but is a nice mix of romance and other conflicts. Viewers feel as though they have no choice but to root for the couple in the end, as they navigate work, family, and love together. 

A Castle for Christmas: 5/10

A Castle for Christmas follows the story of an author who is struggling after a messy divorce. After her latest novel flops, she decides to travel to Scotland in search of inspiration, and to hopefully win her fans back with a new book. During her stay, she meets a duke and falls in love. While the characters in this movie are somewhat one-dimensional clichés, the setting is fantastic. The movie is filled with picturesque scenes in quaint villages, castles, and amongst rolling hills. The main characters don’t have much chemistry and it seems a bit forced. In the end, the movie follows the very overdone plot of a cynic falling in love. 

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