On Friday afternoon the green and surrounding areas buzzed with activity as M-A students joined together for Club Rush. This year, over 75 official clubs made the lineup and nearly all of them were represented at a table during the long Feel Good Friday lunch. Joining a club is a great way for students to get involved at M-A.

Scroll down, pick a topic you’re interested in, watch the related video clip, and read the club descriptions below. (Not comprehensive; see entire club list above.)

General Service:

Step Up is a club centered around the Boys and Girls Club. They work with the Boys and Girls Club at least once a week after school to tutor children. Additionally, they meet at lunch in D-21 to discuss fundraising opportunities for the club.

The WE Club focuses on projects helping both people around the world as well as people locally. To join their team, go to G-19 on Wednesdays at lunch.

For all those animal lovers out there, Care Bears Club raises money for animal fostering programs and collects donations for animal shelters. This year they are hoping to start volunteering at different shelters. For more information visit them on Mondays in G-24.

Operation Smile wants to raise awareness and funding for kids in third-world countries who don’t have enough money to pay for the surgical procedures to fix cleft palates.

GLI (Girls Learn International) is looking to raise awareness for world issues, focusing mainly on women’s rights. This year they hope to start a pen-pal program with girls in another country.

The LEO Club is a community service focused on helping veterans and providing disaster relief. Meet them in D-4 for more information.

Pencils of Promise raises money to build schools in third-world countries. They meet once a month based on the schedules of their members.

The Key Club is a service club that goes to a variety of service events like beach cleanups and collecting prom dresses for girls who can’t afford them through the Princess Project. Check them out on Thursdays in D-2.

The Food Bank Club wants to make the beloved Canned Food Drive a year-round event, helping families get the food they need throughout the rest of the year. Visit G-21 for more information.

Health / Wellness / Beauty:

The Wellness Club is hoping to tie together all the wellness related clubs and services on campus. They hope to incorporate both students and the administration to see change at M-A. Go to C-13 for more information.

The Medical and Health Sciences Club meets one Thursday a month in F-10 to hear from different medical professionals such as psychologists, nutritionists, and researchers. This club is a great place for aspiring doctors or others interested in the sciences.

Race / Culture / Identity / Language:

The Poly Club strives to be a place where Polynesians and people of any other can come together and learn about Polynesian culture. For more information find them in H-1.

Project Us is  a club focused on empowerment and embracing self-identity through creativity and art. It is a perfect place for people wanting to participate in photo shoots and creating art highlighting the issues people have about embracing their identity.

Menlo-Atherton Black Student Union (BSU) is an all inclusive club that talks about prominent issues going on in our society today. This year their theme is Lessons from Wakanda. Come to E-7 on Thursday at lunch for more information.

Asian Culture Club’s goal is to educate, celebrate, and integrate Asian culture here at M-A. Meet them at Mondays in G-7.

The ASL (American Sign Language) Club takes place every Monday and Friday during lunchtime in room S-8. Here people can go to learn the fundamentals of ASL and play fun ASL games.

Intercambio is a club designed to help Spanish learners learn spanish and English learners learn English. Intercambio es un club diseñado para ayudar a los estudiantes de español a aprender español y los estudiantes de inglés a aprender inglés. They meet on Wednesdays in D-15.

Visual / Performing Arts:

Dance Club was created for people to be able to express themselves no matter how they groove. If you like to dance but the traditional cheer and dance teams are not your style, check out the dance club during their practice after school on Tuesdays in the old dance room.

The Drama Club usually plays drama games at lunch on Thursdays in C-10. They also provide information about upcoming shows as well watching other performances in the area. (You don’t have to be a drama kid to come; you can always just watch).

Cosmetology Club’s main focus is to allow students who want to experiment with different aspects of beauty like hair, makeup, and nails get a chance to practice and show off their skills.

The Photography Club meets every other week in I-2 to talk about different photo taking techniques. They also cover after-school events and take field trips to take pictures in different, interesting locations.

Film Club is dedicated to watching movies, talking about movies, and making movies. Come meet them in I-3 on Tuesdays at lunch.

Theater Tech Club handles all of the backstage elements in the PAC including lights, sound, set design, and hair/makeup. Join them after-school on Wednesdays to learn more.


The Surfrider Club hosts a monthly beach cleanup on Sundays and meets during the week. For more information visit P-5.

The environmentally-conscious Seeds Club is looking to raise awareness in the M-A community about issues involving composting and fast fashion. They do not yet have a set day to meet but you can follow them on Instagram at @ma.seeds for more info.

School Community:

Pride Pals is a club here that builds connections with students in the special needs program to help integrate them into the M-A community. Join them in E-25 at lunch on Fridays.

The Bridge Club focuses on helping English Language Development (ELD) students and native speakers merge communities and promote inclusivity. Visit G-2 for more information.

Random Acts of Kindness is a club that meets once a month in Ms. Byrne’s room. They hope to improve the M-A community by doing small things for students and staff throughout the year.

Dream Club is a club mostly for new immigrants to America, but anyone is welcome. They provide information about college and scholarships. For more information, find them Wednesdays at lunch. Dream Club es un club principalmente para los inmigrantes nuevos en América, pero cualquiera es bienvenido. Proporcionan información sobre cómo asistir a la universidad y también sobre diferentes becas. Encuéntralos los miércoles en el almuerzo para más información.


Spare Change, a discussion- based club, is hoping to improve underrepresentation at M-A through a bimonthly podcast. Visit C-15 for more information.

M-A’s Model United Nations Club meets in E-15 on Fridays to discuss current events and global affairs. At conferences, they represent different countries and debate foreign policies like the real United Nations.


Menlo-Atherton Beach Volleyball Club meets together to practice for weekend tournaments and to hangout on the beach. It is a great place for anyone who loves volleyball (prior experience necessary).

Tabletop Gaming Club plays any type of tabletop games at lunch at Fridays in E-2. Visit them to get away from technology and have fun with friends.

Science / Academic / Business:

M-A’s Robotics Team is perfect for people who like building things and solving problems. They meet on Wednesday evenings and on Saturdays. Check out their website for more information.

The Debate Club meets after school Wednesdays in G-6. Here, they practice arguing and talking about current events. It is a perfect place for people who are passionate about world politics and want to use speech to convince people of ideas.

The Money Club wants to teach students how to make, keep, and invest wisely.

Each year, the Academic Decathlon focuses on a different time period for competition. This year they are studying the culture, economy, and history from the 1960s to learn as much as they can when they compete with other schools. Join them in Mr.Dao’s for more information.

The W.O.M.B.A.T Club for people to hear lectures from women in medicine, business, and technology. They believe it is important for young women and men to hear from successful women.

The Hackathon Club wants to get more people in our area into Hackathons, or coding competitions. This club is a great place for people who want to learn how to code and be creative with their new skills. For more information visit I-4.

The Science Fair Club focuses on the mentorship and support of participants in M-A’s annual science fair. If you are planning to participate in the science fair be sure to find them in Dr. Richard’s room.

LaunchX is the perfect club for aspiring business entrepreneurs who love competition. Join them in G-10.

The Junior Classical League (JCL) meets Mondays at lunch in E-12 where they prepare for the state Latin Convention.

For people who are free Fridays at lunch and like science, check out the Science Olympiad club. They compete every few months at competitions testing inventions they build. Go to S-11 for more information.

These “clubs” also exist:

If you want to learn how to cook meat and hang out with your friends, the BBQ/Tailgate Club is the perfect place for you.  

The Coffee Club is fictional club that discusses their love of coffee and roasts beans and each other. They meet Tuesdays in I-14 every lunch after school. (Please don’t actually try join this club or to find this classroom.)

If you want your club to be featured or if you know of a club we should add, please contact us at themachronicle@gmail.com and include the name of the club, what day it meets, and what the goal of the club is.