M-A’s slogan “strength in diversity” also applies to the school’s wide range of fashion styles. Students draw outfit inspiration from new trends to Y2K throwbacks; from head-to-toe Nike tracksuits to thrifted jeans and vintage sweaters.

Derick Kennedy

In a Ratatouille shirt from Goodwill and beige corduroys from a thrift store in Vancouver, junior Derick Kennedy loves to buy secondhand clothing. He explained, “We’re getting those recycled products–I’m in APES, so I love the environment.”

Mattea Harris

“It’s very Y2K,” sophomore Mattea Harris said when describing her sense of style. In a denim mini-skirt and white crop top, Harris proved herself right. She accessorized with unique sunglasses which are her “favorite clothing item to style.”

Sam Richman & Kealy Bryman

Freshmen Sam Richman and Kealy Bryman both show off their love for the color blue, with Richman (left) sporting a Lululemon tennis skirt and top from Free People, and Bryman (right) wearing a Nordstrom sweatshirt and thrifted pants. Bryman said, “My favorite part about thrifting is looking through everything so you can find the great things, plus it’s better for the environment and your wallet.”

Jack Scarborough

Senior Jack Scarborough is a walking advertisement for Nike, sporting a green Nike Tech jacket and sweatpant set, and completing the look with Nike sneakers. Scarborough enthusiastically explained his choice to show up to school on Fridays in full Nike Tech fits, saying “It’s full-Tech-Friday! I encourage everyone to wear your Nike Techs on full-Tech-Friday.”

Anaseini Langi

Sophomore Anaseini Langi represents Pacific Islander culture as she wears a bright red and black ʻie lavalava. “I was hot so I just put this on. It usually goes around your waist but I just put it on as a top,” says Langi about her creative spin on the ʻie.

Leehan Kim

Junior Leehan Kim wore a sweater, top, and skirt all from YesStyle, with shoes from vegan brand Koi Footwear. “My entire closet is black, gray, and white,” says Kim, who describes her style as “dark casual street fashion from Japan and Korea.”

Diego Resendiz

Senior Diego Resendiz was spotted in plaid pajama pants, which can be found all over campus as a cozy trend. Resendiz explains his choice of pajamas as a result of being “lazy, since this morning I had to get out of the house quickly, otherwise I would dress a little nicer.” He also wears an M-A hoodie from his freshman year, showing off his school spirit while keeping his outfit comfortable.

Katherine De Saram

Junior Katherine De Saram wears Nike tennis shoes, Urban Outfitters jeans, and a lace top from when her mom was younger. She explained, “I really like lace, and I don’t have a lot of lace clothing, so I stole it from my mom.”

Tristan Carpenter & Nick Brown

Freshman Tristan Carpenter and sophomore Nick Brown showed up to school in matching colors, despite not planning to twin beforehand! Brown (right) sports a white linen button-down shirt from his trip to Turkey and orange shorts from Patagonia, and Carpenter (left) wears a shirt from Chubbies and shorts from Nike.

Maria Jakovljevic

“Comfort is key,” junior Maria Jakovljevic explained when describing her outfit consisting of Adidas shoes, a t-shirt from a small business on Etsy, and thrifted pants from Savers.

Amari Witt & Sabine Polly

Freshmen Amari Witt and Sabine Polly style clothes borrowed from their family members’ closets, with Witt in her mom’s shorts from college and Polly in her dad’s sweatshirt. They both agree that “fall is the best season to dress for.”

Angelo Marin

Describing his sense of style as “comfortable,” sophomore Angelo Marin wears a black ribbed tank top, black Lululemon shorts, and black Crocs, plus a pop of color with his red Nike Tech Fleece. To complete the outfit, Marin shows off his cross necklace, which he “wears everyday.”

Anya Perazich

Junior Anya Perazich styles a cardigan vest from her mom’s closet with thrifted jeans and a simple black top. When asked how she would describe her sense of style, Perazich said, “Hmm…I don’t really have one! I’d say comfortable and slightly streetwear.”


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