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M-A Speedway: The Fast Facts

Written by Sana Sheikholeslami and Nathalie Camens

Many students at M-A purchase food from the Speedway for breakfast or lunch, but few actually know the nutritional value of what they are eating. We researched and found out the nutrition facts for a few lunch options.

Of the food we researched, the deli turkey sandwich and the chicken Caesar salad were more nutritious than the spicy chicken sandwich and the pepperoni pizza. The turkey sandwich and Caesar salad include more food groups than the chicken sandwich and the pizza do, which adds to the nutritional value. However, all meals at the Speedway come with either vegetables, or fruit and milk. Thus eating the vegetables, or fruit and milk with an entree, increases the nutritional value of the meal.

Breaking down the meals into nutritional groups yielded surprising results; for example, there are more calories and fat in the Caesar dressing packet than the grilled chicken strips in the chicken Caesar salad. A healthier way to enjoy the salad could be to only use half of the salad dressing on the salad or none at all.

The information the district provided us regarding the Speedway foods was incomplete and limited. To find more data, we researched the meals and brands on our own. Providing more data and transparency would be beneficial to those who want to be aware of the nutritional value of their foods. We suggest that the district provides a binder at each Speedway with the nutrition facts open for student access.


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