Ishy Mishra*

Position: Senior Class Co-President

What are you looking forward to most this year? Since it’s our senior year, we really want to leave the school unified. We want leadership to set a nice foundation for the lower classes to build off of. Particularly for the seniors, Susie and I talked a lot about making this our best year yet, because it is our last year in high school. So we’ve come up with a lot of different things to make the year fun, such as arm wrestling for donuts or little things like that. One of the things that we proposed was to do some kind of event on the Green every 23rd of the month. So it’s just little things like that that we want to do to unite our classes and make it fun.

Susie Wagstaff

Position: Senior Class Co-President

Why did you run for student council? I was close to the senior class last year, so this year I want to be the person who is able to make a bridge between our class and the lower ones. I also want to give our class the senior year that everyone imagines, where everyone just can come together and have fun.

Aaron Becker

Position: Junior Class Co-President

Why did you run for student council? I want to unite the school and increase school spirit. Unfortunately, schools like Menlo and Sacred Heart have better spirit days and weeks than us, which is an obvious indicator we need to make a change.

What are you looking forward to the most this year? I’m looking forward to increasing the school spirit.

What does being a student leader look like in practice? A lot of our job is holding weekly meetings with the admin. Regarding spirit, we bounce ideas off of each other to see which ones we like. Aaron and I’s plan is to take note of which events people like and to do more of those. Last year, there were a few spirit events that were lacking, so we want to get the public involved. Moving away from spirit, if any students have any concerns or any problems with the school, they can come and talk to us and we’ll try and fix it.

Derick Kennedy

Position: Junior Class Co-President

Why did you run for student council? My sister was the junior class president. She talked about her time in leadership and she loved every second of it. She always told me to do it when I got older and so now that I’m a junior, I want to follow in her footsteps. I really like it so far.

What are you looking forward to the most this year? Definitely the spirit events. I’m a huge spirit person. I want to go wacky. We want to increase the spirit here because last year, we were really lacking. We saw private schools that were so much better than us during spirit weeks. We want to have more events this year.


Celine Chien*

Position: Sophomore Class Co-President

Why did you run for student council? “I think being involved in campus is really important and this position really allows me to connect with people in my grade. Also, as a part of several clubs, I think being in leadership can help us communicate with clubs more and make more people’s voices heard.”

What are you looking forward to most this year? “I want to have more inclusive spirit events and events where more people will participate.”

What is the most important part of your leadership role? “I think getting people involved is extremely important. Also just making sure that we communicate well with students and that we have a platform where people aren’t afraid of reaching out to us and we can also reach out to them is extremely important.”

Giselle Martinez Landa

Position: Sophomore Class Co-President

Why did you run for student council? “Actually, my co-president inspired me and I saw it as a new opportunity for myself to connect with not just my grade but other grades. I now have the chance to see what people don’t like at school and figure out how to make the school better.”

Is there anything you want to change from last year?  “Last year I feel like not much of the public was involved with spirit days and things may have gone wrong with communication. So, we definitely want to get the public involved more this year.”

* Ishy Mishra and Celine Chien are also journalists for the M-A Chronicle.

Adrian Deutscher-Bishop is a senior at M-A this year. He enjoys writing about everyday occurrences at M-A as well as satire. In his free time, Adrian acts, stargazes, and makes graphs.

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