M-A’s got spirit! In the week before mid-winter break, students showed their school spirit in ways from funky hats to intense cupcake competitions. Junior and leadership student Ishy Mishra said “my favorite part of spirit week is the way it brings people together and everybody comes together to watch the events, and I think it’s kind of beautiful.”

In five minutes of sugary chaos, teams of three or four students raced to create the perfect cupcake. Ultimately, Mr. Loosekoot chose the cupcake decorated by freshmen Zoe Fong, Lilah Chen, and Lainey Egnal. 

Students compete in a musical chairs competition, sporting their Valentines-Day color-scheme attire.

On Wednesday M-A showed off their funky hat clout and and saw some great talent at lunch-times talent show.

Students show off their skills at the talent show on Tuesday. The green is showered in melodies from the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack!

On Thursday students came out in droves to watch their teachers dance, dance, dance in an epic teacher dance battle.

Mrs. Woll and Ms. Frivold dance to upbeat tunes as Mia and Vincent from Pulp Fiction.

The “Bear Sister” serve a classy, simple choreographed routine that inspires audience members to join in.

Students gathered to watch their teachers.

To conclude the week, students wore comfy pajamas and competed in an obstacle course competition on the Green.

Obstacle course winner Will Fowler said “playing water polo and swimming helps a lot with fitness” and is what prepared him for his win.

Sarah Weintraut is a sophomore at M-A this year, and it is her first year writing for the M-A Chronicle. She enjoys writing projects that have significance to both the M-A and local community and hopes to initiate a conversation with her stories. Some of the topics she is interested in include: education standards, athletics, climate change solutions, and societal issues. In her free time, she enjoys playing water polo, reading, and spending time with friends.

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