This fall, M-A Athletics won nine Peninsula Athletic League (PAL) titles. The PAL consists of 17 schools, including M-A, from around the Peninsula. These titles were won by Varsity Football, JV Football, Varsity Girls Cross Country, JV Girls Cross Country, Freshman/Sophomore Girls Cross Country, Varsity Girls Tennis, Varsity Boys Water Polo, JV Boys Water Polo, and JV Girls Water Polo. In addition to these titles, Girls Volleyball won the Central Coast Section (CCS) title. The CCS includes 152 schools, covering nearly all Bay Area high schools, much more than the 17 PAL schools. 

However, M-A’s success is nothing new. Since 2010, M-A has won 71 PAL championships, excluding those from this year. What’s more, these titles come from a variety of sports. Cross country teams have five titles, football has two, golf teams have eight, tennis teams have 17, volleyball teams have seven, water polo teams have six, basketball teams have nine, soccer teams have seven, wrestling teams have three, swimming has two, and Track and Field has one. In particular, a few sports’ continued success is worth noting. Since 2014, both the boys’ and girls’ tennis teams have won the PAL every year. Girls volleyball has won the title in seven of the past nine years. The football team also won the state championship in 2018. 

Out of M-A’s four main rivals, Sacred Heart, Menlo, Woodside, and Sequoia, M-A has undoubtedly obtained the most athletic success. The PAL also presents a Commissioner’s cup at the end of the year to the school in the league with the most athletic success overall. Since 2007, M-A has won the Commissioner’s cup every year except one- 2008. M-A’s continued success in winning PAL titles has gained M-A the reputation as a fierce opponent for any school that it takes on. 

It is yet to be seen how M-A teams will perform during the winter season; however, as always, M-A teams will likely bring home multiple PAL titles.

Alex Parikh-Briggs is a senior and in his second year of Journalism. He hopes to write about and explain his knowledge of changing M-A policies and current events. Alex also plays for M-A's tennis team and participates on M-A's debate team.

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