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DIY: Mother’s Day Cupcake Flower Pots

This unique and creative treat is a perfect DIY dessert for Mother’s Day. These flowerpot cupcakes would blend right in among a colorful garden; they are also delicious and cute.

– miniature flower pots
– crushed brownies or Oreos
– chocolate frosting
– wooden skewers
– labels to write happy mother’s day
– little edible flower decorations

1. Place the whole cupcake in the flower pot.
2. Pipe frosting on top of the cupcake until it reaches the top of the pot.
3. Sprinkle crushed brownies or Oreos on top of frosting to mimic the dirt.
4. Stick the wooden skewer in the middle of the pot for the stem of the flower.
5. Slice the strawberry vertically but not all the way through to create flower petals.
6. Place the strawberry on top of the skewer to create the strawberry flower.
7. Decorate the dirt by placing edible flowers on it.
8. Write “Happy Mother’s Day” on the flower pot and ENJOY!

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