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In Mrs. Otsuka’s AP Literature class, students were given the opportunity to write or adapt songs related to the book Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. They performed on the Green at lunch yesterday. Enjoy!

Set List:

“Thousand Gone” – Nikita Manin, Andrew Kraft, Aidan Mckay, Callum Burgess, Jerry Liu

“Crystal Fruit and the Doo-Wop Group”- Kate Mulhern, Kelley McCutcheon, Sara Madsen, Zoe Schacter-Brodie, Kelsey Gage, Penelope Stieglitz, Erin Cole

“Ratchahan and the Boys”- Rick Han, Rohan Chilukuri, Greg Pinto, Aidan Mckay, Ratchahan Sujithan (in spirit)

“Mr. Invisible Man”- Bradley Stillman, Niko Ozden, Troy Sweetnam, Breanna Sandoval, Chad Westmoreland, Hannah Roitman

“Backstreet Brotherhood”- Andrew Tan, Jean Claverie, Ben Justus, Nik Caryotakis, Schuyler Knapp, Chris Lobdell

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