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Why Are You Going to College?

College is an anxiety filled topic for people who have either attended college, or plan on attending. It is something that people are groomed for when they are thrown into America’s educational system. Students grow up hearing talk surrounding the topic of

college from a variety of sources: parents, school, tv, teachers, peers, grandparents. Although it has been proven that a college degree can lead to a higher chance of obtaining a good job later in life, not everyone likes the idea of being in debt or spending more years in a classroom environment. America has placed an absurd value upon higher education, which contributes to the stigma toward people who don’t have a college degree or who have no intention of going. Does that mean college is bad?No. However, college does not have to be the only option being displayed excessively when you’re growing up, and you should not be judged for not wanting to choose a different path within society. I wanted to hear some students’ individual reasons for attending college and here’s what they had to say.

Did you know that currently 36% of jobs in America don’t require any college degree? Among some of these are computer programmers, database managers, pharmacy technician and many more. That means there a variety of careers that don’t require a college degree. American society and institutions should stop overly glorifying college because it creates a society filled with people who view any other options besides college as ‘bad’ and people who don’t or didn’t attend college as ‘uneducated’.

Abraham Guerrero, a senior, said “ I want to continue my education so I can get a better a job with better pay.” He believes that continuing his education will eventually lead to a good job that pays well, so that he does not have to struggle. On the other hand, college gives students the chance to pick from a wide variety of jobs because it allows them to gain the knowledge and skills that are necessary.

Johnny Aleman another graduating senior had this to say about to the question, “ I am deciding to go to college because I want a successful life and college gives me more opportunities to achieve that.” To him college opens many doors and chances in life that can make Aleman successful and set him up for a productive life. Aleman sees college as an opportunity to get a well-paying job now, so he doesn’t have any financial worries when he gets older. Like Aleman, many people attend college to have a chance to access as comfortable, worry free life as possible.

As of 2017, the unemployment rate of college graduates is 34%, this means that a chunk of people who graduate college and spent tons of money and put in years in the school graduated and were unemployed or got a job that had nothing to do with their major. The percentage of people who took out loans for school are in debt and they either cannot pay it due to unemployment. This is a huge problem and is a good example of college not always being the right path.

While college is not a bad institution, the pressures and one way tracked society can cause people to suffer sometimes by feeling as if they have no other option. College is a path for most and no one should feel discouraged for getting a higher a level of education or wanting one, it is everyone’s right to a higher education or not and no one should be discouraged for any of these choices.

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