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Welcome Back Dance a Huge Success

The Welcome Back Dance was held in the New Gym on Friday, August 26, from 7:30 to 10 p.m.

“Those that chose to go elsewhere missed out.” Michael Amoroso

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors. Techno, hip hop, and remixes of Latin music. Suits, dresses, tie-dye, and even American flag overalls. Face paint. Dance moves. It was all on display, with some 400 M-A students gathered at Friday night’s Welcome Back Dance.

The broad turnout made this year’s Welcome Back Dance one of the most successful yet. Leadership teacher Michael Amoroso, who directed the past four dances, deemed this year’s edition the “best that [he has] ever been responsible for.” Prior to the dance, sophomore leadership student Elise Kratzer wanted to “get all of the grades involved,” and that’s exactly what happened. Amoroso confirmed: “sophomores, freshmen, juniors, seniors: everybody’s here.”

M-A students showing off their favorite dance moves:

Amoroso gave “ a huge shoutout to [Friday night’s DJs], Matt Gursky and Henry Kloiber.” This year is Gursky’s third year performing as the DJ for an M-A dance.

Before the dance, seniors were excited to start off their last school year the same way they started their first. Mayra Ayala hoped to “make the most of [her] last first dance.” Natasha Auer recalled starting high school with the Welcome Back Dance in ninth grade and hopes to attend every school dance this year.

Outfit Awards:

Red Carpet Worthy: Eugene Jennings (12th) and Mariela Salgado (10th)

Best Group Outfit: Senior girls!

Most Patriotic Outfit: John Mills (10th)

The dance was an extremely successful event for leadership with attendance from all grade levels.

Freshman girls are excited about their first high school dance!
Sophomores Lottie Plewman and Katie Derrough pose in their neon outfits.
Juniors Emily St. John and Dana Moreno collect shoes before students enter the gym. M-A’s Leadership classes helped decorate for the dance and cleaned up.
Senior girls Haley Taylor and Nicol Garcia Laura pose at their last Welcome Back Dance.

The success of Friday night’s Welcome Back Dance brings up new options for future dances. Amoroso commented that there is a possibility that he may throw “a Winter Formal in the gym, spend $5,000 decorating the heck out of it and have 800 to 1,000 people packed in.”

Thank you M-A Leadership for all of your hard work!

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