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Andrew Tan


Andrew Tan is a senior and third-year writer for the M-A Chronicle who enjoys writing features, particularly about sports. His favorite sports to write about are football, baseball, and basketball. He is excited to work with the revamped Chronicle staff to develop and improve the paper.

Erica Miner

Digital Media Editor

Erica Miner is a senior, this will be her second year on staff and first year as the media specialist. She enjoys photography and film and focuses on multimedia production. For her last year of high school, she hopes to contribute unique and meaningful content.

Izzy Villa

Isabela Villa is a junior, and this is her first year writing for the M-A Chronicle. She enjoys writing about the school and the activities held at M-A. She also writes about the different communities surrounding M-A.

Nathalie Camens


This is Nathalie Camens' third year on staff. She enjoys writing feature articles and opinion pieces. Journalism is important to her because she sees it as a tool to create change and bring awareness about social justice issues.

Sarah Lehman

Sports Editor

Sarah Lehman is a junior and this is her second year writing for the Chronicle. She enjoys writing news stories and features that , as well as writing about school sports. She looks forward to continuing her journalism career as a senior. Sarah especially enjoys journalism because it keeps her connected to current events, lets her interview interesting community members, and gives her an opportunity to learn more about stories that would otherwise be overlooked.

Sarah Orttung


Sarah Orttung is a senior in her third year on the staff. She likes to write features and opinions to bring attention to issues that may otherwise be overlooked. She hopes that the Chronicle can be a force for social change, and is excited to help others on their staff use their voices in an influential way.

Beatrix Geaghan-Breiner

Beatrix Geaghan-Breiner is a senior and this is her first year writing for the Chronicle. She is interested in writing music reviews and opinions. Beatrix is looking forward to writing about M-A and learning more in the process.

Emma Dewey

Copy Editor

Emma Dewey is a senior in her second year on the Chronicle staff and her first year as an editor. She enjoys working with other writers to make the Chronicle the best it can be. She is most interested in using journalism to connect with her community and affect social change.

Jonathan Dicks

Jonathan Dicks is a junior at M-A and in his second year of writing for the M-A Chronicle. He loves writing opinion pieces, sports and even some album reviews. He can't wait to continue to improve his writing skills to write lots of stories that benefit the M-A community.

Jake Foster

Copy Editor

Senior, Jake Foster is a copy editor in his 3rd year with the Chronicle. He writes opinions, features, and cultural articles. He is also an energetic participant in the sports podcast: Full Court Press.

John Gardner

John is a senior at M-A in his second year writing for the M-A Chronicle. He enjoys writing mostly sports stories but may venture into some other topics. He looks forward to having a good senior year and graduating in the spring.

Jake Simon

Sports Editor

Senior Jake Simon is excited about being a part of the M-A Chronicle for the third straight year. This year, Jake will mainly be writing about sports which he is extremely interested in. Jake is ready to take on the challenge of being a copy editor for the sports section of the website.

Kate Perri

Kate Perri is a senior at M-A and this is her first year writing for the Chronicle. She enjoys writing news and features.

Mara Cavallaro

Copy Editor

Mara Cavallaro is a senior and aspiring journalist. Her struggle to understand and tell her own story has taught her the importance of sharing narratives and inspiring empathy among readers. She strives to amplify the voices of marginalized communities and is most proud of her articles Full Time: Full Mile: Why We Need a Buffer Zone Around Our Schools (on the noxious effects of pesticides in rural California communities) and “Strength in Diversity”: Where M-A Falls Short (on challenges to full inclusion at M-A).

Sarah Marks

Sarah Marks is a sophomore. This is her first year writing for the M-A chronicle. Sarah enjoys writing feature articles and news.