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Since the second semester started, COVID-19 has left campus feeling more empty than usual. The M-A Chronicle sent out a COVID-19 survey on January 7th to students and staff and received responses from 331 students and 52 teachers. Here’s what they said:

Student responses:

YES! We should go online.

NO! We shouldn't go online.

The majority of students thought M-A should go back to distance learning for two weeks or longer due to anxiety about the virus and staying caught up with classes.

“Distance learning is not great, but having so many students miss class altogether is worse.”

One student said, “I am concerned about COVID-19 because of at-risk family members in my household. Online school is much more practical and safe in my opinion.” 

Another said that “our school is not effectively handling the COVID-19 situation. There should be stricter rules around mask wearing and social distancing.”

A teacher agreed, saying that “distance learning is not great, but having so many students miss class altogether is worse.”

YES! We Should Go Online.

NO! We Shouldn't Go Online.

However, over half of teachers do not think M-A should go back online. One teacher said, “If we had decided this in advance, then a week at home while people got tested would have been brilliant. At this point, I’m not sure it’s worth the disruption.”

Many have also gotten the COVID-19 booster vaccine, an additional dose to protect especially against the Omicron variant. While the majority of teachers are boosted, the majority of students are not.

Students Boosted

Students NOT Boosted

Teachers Boosted

Teachers NOT Boosted

Ultimately, the District cannot go online until they receive permission from the StateKeep masking up, M-A!

Juliana Jones is a senior and in her first year in journalism at M-A. She enjoys writing about local events and new school policies. In her free time, Juliana enjoys figure skating and spending quality time with loved ones.

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