On Thursday evening tables of ceramic figures and panels of drawings, paintings, and photos filled the Maker Space as art students put their best work of the semester on display for family, friends, and the M-A community.

Beginning ceramics student Rosie Yoon won first place in her division with this piece entitled “Leaf and Butterfly.”

About 275 Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, Art Studio, and Photography students all carefully crafted pieces for the show that showed off the skills they learned, as well as the weeks of work that went into them. Many pieces expressed themes and issues close to students, such as cultural heritage, climate change, and family. Others were simple and everyday objects, like a clay tomato or lego figurine. Junior Tyler Atkinson said that it took three months for him to make his intricately carved and painted ceramic box. “It’s for my dad; it says ‘I love you Dad’ on the side with Japanese letters. I think the main reason why I put so much effort into it is that it’s for someone else.”

Senior and Photography student Bea Mazzon said, “Exploring film and digital photography has helped me gain new perspectives on what kind of moments are worth capturing.” Mazzon presented a film camera photo of a blue archway entitled “The Shrine.” She added, “I learned about the impact of having art physically in front of you instead of only seeing it on a screen.”

Drawing and Painting II student Betsy Wall stands next to her watercolor painting entitled “Maroon Bells.”

Ceramics teacher Mike Burton-Tillson said, “I’m proud that everyone’s had a pretty successful year being back in-person after the last year and a half.“ Each piece reveals the hours of effort and hard work each student put into their projects. Many came during flex time or after school to perfect their skills and put the finishing touches on their work.

Tillson joined fellow Ceramics teacher Rika Hirata, Drawing and Painting teacher Craig LeClaire, and Photography teacher Sarah Frivold in recognizing each student and awarding first and second place ribbons to the best pieces in each category. Students who attended the show received a certificate and, if they won an award, hung their ribbon proudly next to their piece.

“It’s really amazing to see everyone start out with the same lump of clay and the different solutions that come out of it, whether it’s a food project or a monster project or an animal project,” said Tillson. The night ended with a self-guided gallery walk of all the pieces, a celebratory end to a fantastic year of the visual arts at M-A.

Photography teacher Sarah Frivold hands Mazzon her certificate.


Beginning Ceramics: Rosie Yoon (1st place), Kiana Gholamy and Carlos Myers Ascencio (tied for 2nd place)

Intermediate Ceramics: David Nieves Calixtro and Andrew Purpura (tied for 1st place), Kathleen Tiznado (2nd place)

Advanced Ceramics: Thy Pham (1st place AND Best of Show)

Beginning Photo: Talya Dallal (1st place), Chase Baker (2nd place)

Intermediate Photo: Joseline Magaña Mayorga (1st place), Yue Wu-Jamison/Efrian Salas Lozano/Daniel Vengosh (tied for 2nd place)

Challenson Yee’s winning pencil drawing entitled, “Cathedral.”

Advanced Photo: Deklan McKay (1st place), William McDermott (2nd place)

Beginning Drawing/Painting: Challenson Yee and Sophia Zadig (tied for 1st place), Julianna Maldonado and Gizelle Martinez (tied for 2nd place)

Intermediate Drawing/Painting: Emily Plottner (1st place), Honor Poat (2nd place)

Advanced Drawing/Painting: Makaela Striffler (1st place), Jane Fiorentino (2nd place)

Juliana Jones is a senior and in her first year in journalism at M-A. She enjoys writing about local events and new school policies. In her free time, Juliana enjoys figure skating and spending quality time with loved ones.

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