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Local Water Districts Begin Reductions in Compliance with Drought Mandates

Adhering to the 25 percent state reduction declared by Gov. Jerry Brown in April, Menlo Park’s several water districts imposed their regulations beginning in early June.

Menlo Park residents are served by either the California Water Service (CalWater) via the Bear Gulch district or by the Menlo Park Municipal Water District. CalWater began its 36 percent reductions on the first of June, according to the service’s published shortage contingency plan. This regulation will be calculated based on household water usage in 2013. According to the New York Times, CalWater Bear Gulch district’s 58,000 users consume over 250 gallons a day. The Menlo Park Municipal Water District, however, only serves 16,000 people. These members use 89 gallons a day and will only be required to cut their water use by 16 percent.

East Palo Alto is served by the City of East Palo water system, Palo Alto Park Mutual Water Company, or the O’Connor Tract Co-op Water Company. The New York Times states that collectively the population of 26,000 will suffer 8 percent reductions.

Atherton is served by the CalWater Bear Gulch district, while parts of Ladera and Woodside fall under the Menlo Park municipality.

Navigate the map below to see what district serves your household. Search for your address for further specificity. Click on each colored to identify each district; the Menlo Park Municipal Water District is in red, CalWater Bear Gulch in green, East Palo Alto districts in orange and purple.

The blue line delineates the boundary for M-A students (as opposed to the Woodside or Sequoia boundaries).

Districts were identified through Menlo Park’s site, as well as those of others districts.

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