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Voices of M-A

Voices of M-A: Sam Stephens and Pam Wimberly Share Their Stories

Samuel Lorenzo Stephens exists as a cornerstone of the M-A campus, maintaining order in his maroon and gold windbreaker, but few people are familiar with his eventful journey from the country town of Griffin, Georgia to Atherton, California. We sat down for an interview to hear his story.Looking back on his childhood in the South, Stephens has mixed emotions. “I think I had a great upbringing,” he recalled, and appreciated “the stuff that I learned how to do, such as growing my own food, raising

Voices of M-A: Sharing My Christian Faith at a Secular School

I have grown up practicing the Christian faith my whole life. My parents attended Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC) before I was born and I still call it my church home. From singing songs about Jesus’s love for me to coloring bible story pages at Sunday School I never doubted that this was where I belonged. These were people that loved me and helped shape my faith.Throughout elementary school and even middle school I attended church on Sunday, listened to my parents’ rules (which didn’t see