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Ulises Cisneros

The BMX Escape

When people encounter the idea of BMX culture and the community that surrounds it, many assume that the sport is full of crazy scumbags and bike riders who have...

Meet Daniel Nava, Graffiti Artist from East Palo Alto

Throughout society, many believe that graffiti downgrades urban environments and only reflects a certain community in decline. However, Daniel Nava, also known as “Lettle,” is an artist who refutes this idea through his graffiti art and the messages he communicates in his pieces. Raised in two very different environments, East Palo Alto and Sheboygan in Wisconsin, 24-year-old Daniel Nava is focused on inspiring and motivating people with a similar background of living in a low income community.

Ulises Cisneros

Hello, my name is Ulises Cisneros and I am a senior at M-A! This will be my second year on staff and my first year as a copy editor. Aside from hoping to improve my writing skills, my main goal is to bring a fresh perspective into issues surrounding M-A by serving as a voice for the least represented and highlighting the positive efforts occurring in my community. I truly believe in the power of journalism and consider it one of the biggest tools society has in order to change the issues that occur in our world. Outside of journalism class, I enjoy playing soccer, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.